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Felted Silk/Merino Scarf Kits

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Felted Silk/Merino Scarf Kits

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Super fine and luxurious felted scarf. Quick and easy to make, a very satisfying project. Finished scarf has a wonderful feel and drape.

Full color step by step instructions

Made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk

In the following colors:

  • Black Currant (a midnight shade with blues, violet and black)
  • Pomegranate (rich reds with a touch of lime)
  • Mango (fiery reds and gold)
  • Field of Rye (warm earth tones)
  • Woodland (forest shades of greens and brown)
  • Ocean (jewel tones of blue, green and purple)
  • Mulberry (glowing shades of red, mauve and gold)
  • (To see the colors, select the picture with the closeup of the fibers, and click on the picture to open it fully. The colors are in the same order as listed here)