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Tekapo - 100% pure NZ Wool

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Tekapo - 100% pure NZ Wool

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Ashford is very proud of its very own Tekapo Yarn. This new semi worsted yarn is especially designed for softness and strength. The texture is lofty and top quality fibers have been chosen to give the yarn that special tailored sheen associated with world class knitwear.

4.5 to 5 st./in.
218 yards per 100gm ball

2 - 2.5 lb. Cones available in Natural White only.

Colors to choose from: (click on color sample picture to see whole range)

  • Solid Colors: Chocolate, Coffee, Orange, Yellow, Moss, Lime, Dark Green, Emerald, Royal Blue, Teal, Navy Blue, Ocean, Denim, Violet, Grape, Amethyst, Traditional Red, Dark Red, Berry, Flash, Pink, Mauve and Light Blue, Natural White, Natural Light, Natural Medium, Natural Dark & Black
  • Blended Colors: Storm, Sunset, Foxglove, Forest, Landscape, Carnival, Gemstone, Seascape & Sweetpeas
  • Natural Colors: Natural White, Black, Natural Light, Natural Medium & Natural Dark